02 March 2006

Strange Days and The Darkness

I have realised that I cannot stop listening to the relatively new Darkness cd. What is it about this band that I love so very much?! Could it possibly be that it reminds me of when I was in junior high, painting on my skin tight jeans and styling my hair as high as it could go while dancing in front of the mirror with hair brush in hand? Whatever it is, it makes me happy and brings a wonderful smile to my face. I hope one day I can see them live, front and centre. Despite viewing a video on www.youtube.com of Justin Hawkins online, where he evidently gained a bit of tummy while still proudly wearing those painted on pants.

It seems to be one of those strange days, where you automatically assume that there must be a full moon. For me, personally, I think I was just a tad hyper due to being my last day of work before my "weekend". Supervisors at work seemed restless. There seemed to be something going down, but no one was sure what exactly it was. I felt like being a nervous chatterbox. A bit of nervous dreams in my sleep, would be the possible cause of that. I felt like I was in the way. I felt others were in my way. People spoke oddly, outside of work. Hiphopper gangsta types, mainly. Not only did I have one guy wearing bling asking my acquantence and me if we were seen at da club but another gansta type fellow kept calling me from a street corner while on my walk home. It puts me off, especially being late at night. I, of course, did not respond to which he replied - "FUCK YOU THEN!". I wonder what kind of reaction he expected to get from me? I mean, for crying out loud, it's late. He's in no apparent danger but lurking on a street corner. For some reason, I just didn't feel inclined to rush to his turf to see what he wanted. Why can't people just let me be?!

I suppose I shouldn't complain. The other day I had a team of hiphopper kids laugh and throw chewing gum down at me when I was going down escalator in the metro. Usually, they just laugh at me. For a while, I wondered what was wrong with me in this city. How did I automatically become this object of ridicule from teenagers? I didn't have this issue as often, back home. But here, my gosh. For a while, I was being laughed at at least once a week. I may sound like the proverbial old fart here but I honestly think that teenagers these days should be educated more about respecting others. One day I'll lose it, and beat the pulp out of these children. Another reason not to have children. Not because one day I'll beat them to a bloody pulp - but because I honestly don't know how much love I could have for a child with such low respect for people without having a legitimate reason or two. Yet oddly enough, the girls who dig the 80's retro scene, complete with neon plastic gummy bracelets and mullet haircuts get off scot-free in the ridicule department. I guess I can at least admit that I take it a lot less personally now.

Speaking of the education of teenagers, I discovered recently that school teachers in Quebec now have the option of not teaching sex education. This, I feel, is absolutely absurb. A recent survey showed that teenagers believe that anal sex is not really sex, something to that degree. Obviously, they believe that you cannot get pregnant by having anal sex...but they also believe that you cannot get an STI/STD from it. Ah, another Quebec law that I don't quite understand. One Quebec law that does make sense, however, is one preventing the advertising of junk food to children - which I think is a good thing.

It's my weekend...yippee! My first step into my glorious weekend? Dancing in front of the stove to cook dinner, as the Darkness plays in the background. A nice way to kick off the weekend.


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