19 May 2006

The 7th Day of Rain and I'm Still Babbling About Leonard Cohen

It is the seventh day of rain in my city. Today, I put my foot down and declared my distaste for this brand of weather. I've simply had enough of the colour grey, the constant rain, and the lack of light blue skies dazzled by the sun. Each morning, I keep my fingers crossed to see a sunny day beyond my curtains. Sigh, to no avail.

I wanted to be socially charming tonight.

I had perfect intentions on going to
The Brains and Bloodshot show tonight. Another sigh, in honour of my slightly sore stomach. I'm staying in because of that, even though I think I could have lasted all night even in such a small and stuffy club. I didn't want to take any chances, however. The last thing I need to be labeled as would be a party pooper! Yes, I didn't want to drag my partner's ass there only to go home early because of my stupid stomach ache. I'm sure he is enjoying himself at the show though.

This quiet time allows me to scribble away with words and listen to music that typically drives my partner crazy. Ah, tonight...it's just Leonard and I. I remember a time when several suitors would present Leonard Cohen cds to me in lieu of flowers. Lucky me, I landed the one who crossed paths with the poet himself! Of course, poor Leonard did not expect how clumsy my partner crosses paths...while carrying beverages. If only I was there to clean up. Heh.

Needless to say, Cohen's new collection of poetry called Book of Longing is on my current wishlist. I need to read words to swoon over.

Which brings up an observation about myspace forums. I'm on the Cohen forum. It is, thankfully, not a catty or immature place to be. There are no heavy debates. But, what grinds my gears is that I keep posting news articles and announcements and no one responds. Members are quick to respond to what his wittiest line is or even how someone's pug likes Cohen. As soon as I announce his recent appearance in Toronto or post a video clip of that, no one responds. Tumbleweeds roll by. I kill yet another forum post. For crying out loud, the man has not performed in public for years and yet they are more excited to talk about how a freaking dog likes his music. I don't get it. I swear, myspace forums piss me off to no end. That is why I no longer join silly rockabilly groups and forums dedicated to makeup artistry.

I am, however, pleased at how much coverage Leonard is receiving in the media lately. And yeah, I am obsessed with him. His words are endlessly intoxicating to me. In autumn, he may tour. I will be there. Oh yes, I will be there even though I am not fond of his overuse of synthesizers and ladies who sing back up vocals.

Anyway, I finally finished reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. It took me over a month, which is longer than usual for me. True, I occupied myself with other activities - cross stitching, writing, journaling, and massive spring cleaning. I think it was more than that though. I felt as though I became friends with these magnificent little rabbits and didn't wish for our friendship to end. As well, I did not want to turn another page that may or may not lead into a tragedy. It may sound silly, talking this way about a book. Let's just say, I will never look at rabbits the same way again. My sister told me today that there is a family of rabbits living under her patio which makes me wonder, what kind of adventures are these ones in?!

As for cross stitching, I have finished two full projects now and I am proudly working on my third. It's a clever little pattern, thanks to Subversive Cross Stitch. It's a sign that says "People Are Cattle" and has little cows and flowers along the top and bottom. It's a gift for my partner. He's anxiously waiting for our new piece of homemade art! I'm thinking that next I will do kitchen towels that boldly say "Be My Bitch". That way, I can throw one towards my partner and he can do the dishes, haha. It's a fun past time, when you smut it up. Maybe one day, I'll cross stitch a portrait of Kenny Rogers, haha.

I've decided, if I do not go home this summer and I'm not working - I am challenging myself to write a novel. It sounds completely intimidating but I feel encouraged. I guess we'll wait and see.


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