20 May 2006

Another Redundant Dream

After two nights of seductive and steamy dreams, I am back to my usual pattern of dreaming yawners that don't make much sense.

First of all, I had a dream that Keith Richards succumbed to his recent brain surgury. I wasn't affected by the news.

The other half of my dream made no sense. This man who is producing a record for my partner's friend's band was the lead character. He's a portly man, with shaggy hair and beard. He always has his arms folded across his stomach. He intimidates me with his seemingly bored stare. Anyway, he's in my dream. How hot is that?

Since he seems to be the entrepreneurial type in real life, it showed in my dream. He came up with a brilliant new idea and followed through. In my dream, he became the owner and operator of the world's first vegetarian Burger King joint. Not only was this the first vegetarian Burger King, he built the restaurant to be inflated like a rubber raft or dinghy so the restaurant floated in the middle of the river (which strikes me as odd, because there would be absolutely no walk-by traffic). I recall inspecting the building materials carefully.

So over the last handful of nights or so, I have had two dreams that involves inflatable objects. I scratch my chin in wonder, what does that mean?! First it was the inflatable band-aid pool toys and now it's inflatable vegetarian Burger King restaurants.

I googled up dream symbolism. Clearly, there are no explainations about my inflatable items. Restaurants apparently symbolise choices and nourishment. Bandage for healing and protection. But what about when they are in inflatable form? My best reasoning for these dreams is simple - I'm a weirdo who happens to have dreams that make absolutely no sense.

I have heard that you are to ask yourself, how do these dreams make you feel? Well, thinking back on my dreams ... honestly, I felt a sense of wonder at stupidity. Like, "What would possess someone to build a restaurant out of inflatable rubber and float it in the middle of a river?".

Aha! That could be it! I am feeling a sense of wonder at the stupidity of people!

(or I just have stupid dreams....)


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