16 May 2006

I Had a Dream, I Had an Awesome Dream

Lately, I have been dreaming all kinds of sluggish and redundant dreams. Real dull, repetitive ones. For example, one dream I had involved me writing HTML code into this blog. Over and over and over again because I couldn't get it right. Talk about a yawner. Last night I had a dream about mold on my walls. I just stood there expressionless, staring at the mold. Where's that dinosaur barfing submarines when I need one in my dreams?

Anyway. The other night, I have this dream I am watching television with my sister. Except, I am viewing the commercial without seening anything else around me. This commercial comes on. We sit there, watching. It's one of those teen targeted advertisements that we have all seen before. You know, it's a group of teenage males coming home from school or shooting hoops or whatever boys do. They're all hyper and high fiving one another, and man, they are thirsty! So they all grab beverages out of the fridge. Mom approves with that "boys will be boys" expression. They quench they thirst.

Then the leader of the group unzips his pants and urinates all over the linoleum. His friends follow his example. Then, all of a sudden, this super absorbant toilet paper immediately begins to soak up all the mess all on it's own. (I wonder if mom approved of that?!)

For some reason, this commercial infuriated me. I turned to my sister and snapped, "What kind of commercial is that!? Who thinks that's good advertising?!"

The commericial was over and the regular scheduled programming came on the tube. Ah, the CTV nightly news! Instead of the dapper Lloyd Robinson, it was read by a surprisingly polite David Allan Coe. David wore a cornflower blue silky shirt, had his hair held back in a clip, and had a loose choker type tie around his neck. He did such a good job at reading the headlines in soft Southern accent that I forgot how mad I was about the commercial.


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