22 May 2006

Late Night Calls & Stupidity Dreams

I have a friend back home. No matter what you tell him, nothing sinks in. I realize that he has been recently diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and a part of me says I should cut him some slack. However, he's been really trying lately. Not just for me, but for my partner.

I like this friend. He's harmless though at times he grates on my nerves. I think he has a good heart, but the ADD is truly aggrivating for me since it appears as though he cannot listen to a word I say. I've known others with ADD and they have been completely pleasurable to be around. I don't know what it is with this kid (this 30 year old kid) but no matter how many times you tell him not to call late, he keeps calling later and later. I'm a natural night owl but man, this is just too much already.

We haven't been sleeping well lately either. We fell into a deep sleep only to be called at half past three in the morning! Unless something disasterous has happened, there's no real reason to be called at that hour...especially when there is a time difference and it's much later here than at home. Ugh. What more can you say or scold when the person in need of a severe lecture pays absolutely no attention to what you have to say? Will I just have to go to extremes and get his number blocked just so we can get a peaceful fucking sleep at night?

Hopefully my partner's words will be recognised and remembered:

"Don't ever fucking call after midnight again!" Clack!

Anyway, I feel a bit responsible since this is my friend. No matter what you say, nothing sinks in. I have to be much more aggressive I suppose. Not only have I told him not to call late, but my sister and my friend has as well. Is it sinking in? Nope.

And of course, we couldn't fall back asleep peacefully after that. My partner was understandably grumpy and pissed off. I was restless because I would be barked at as well for not getting it through my friend's thick skull not to call so bloody late. We woke up groggy and puffy-eyed, truly underslept. It's fine for me since I'm just killing time today. Unfortunately, the man had to get up early and get some work done that requires a clear and awake mind. Thanks, friend back home. What's next? A phone call at five in the morning just to talk about the latest shitty horror movie and 80's music?

The only good thing about being woken up by the phone at that hour is that I discovered something about my teeth. I'm a teeth clencher and grinder. I usually sleep on my left side, cheek buried in the pillow. It's the right side of my teeth that always hurts. I'm thinking, the pressure of my cheek against the pillow helps me not grind that side of my teeth as much. I must just grind the right side of my teeth all night long, in one particular area. Namely, where my recent dental work has occured. When the phone rang, it stopped me from clenching my teeth and that very area stung. Not in a toothache way, but in the nerves department. Okay, I'm really coming off as uninteresting today...haha.

As well, when I sleep restlessly I do strange things in my sleep. I have this habit of tossing and turning and bringing the top sheet along for the ride. Somehow, the top sheet ends up twisted like a rope. And somehow, the twisted top sheet ends up around my neck. I wake up feeling constricted and have to unwrap the sheet around my neck. Pretty sexy.

I can't remember much of my dreams of last night. They feel scattered, when I try to remember. I had a dream that I got in a fight with this old co-worker I had. I cannot remember the argument itself or what caused it. Just to get back at this girl, I stole her small, fluffy white dog. And then I was stuck with this dog and I didn't know what the hell to do with it. So obviously, the right thing to do with the dog was take it to the Academy Awards.

And that I did. We were in the nosebleed section for the regular folks. The stairs were steep. It clicked in that I shouldn't have a small, yappy dog at the Oscars plus Billy Crystal was hosting. I left.

I kept calling J but he was not home. I had to find this girl because I just hated this dog. I wanted it gone. Then I ran into Moby. He looked sad and didn't have any suggestions nor would he take the mutt. Thanks for the help, Moby. Somehow I managed to lose it, because the next thing I was doing was wandering around an old mall back home (this is the second time this week where I've been dreaming about old malls from back home) carrying this coat I used to wear in junior high and avoiding bikers who were eating at a Burger King (and, second Burger King dream!).

The last thing I remember was crossing the highway with this girl I know and what appeared to be her little sister. It was assumed to be here, but was really north of my prairies hometown. It was a crosswalk but no one would stop. There were speeding neon green bicycles popping wheelies. We made it across to walk along the river. There was a lot of cement. The little sister wrapped her hands around my bare thigh and said, "Here's the three dollars I owe you for the lavender". Then she told me that J kept calling me over and over. As she said that, I looked on the ground to see a small yellow canker worm crawling on a small blade of grass.

(At the end of writing this, my friend called to apologize. I told him again, not to call so late. He wanted to talk to my partner...I think he's in for an earful when he actually gets a hold of him.)


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