22 May 2006

Moving Day

It seems to be official! Our annoying and disgusting neighbours are moving out! Yippee! I can only hope that they all will be gone and no one worse moves in.

We have had some problems with these neighbours this year. They have been generally good where noise is concerned. They've been quiet, actually. The issue we had with them has been their lack of respect for their living space and neighbours (us). We had to deal with their pyramid of garbage bags and lumps of dog dumps in front of our living room window. As well, they clogged up the fire escape with tons of garbage. I'm talking, waist deep of garbage. That in itself is a fire hazard, let alone have it be in the fire escape in the first place. After several warnings and visits from the city inspector, it became somewhat clean. No more dog shit in front of our window. No more pyramid of garbage bags to be ripped apart from families of raccoons. However, the garbage was only pushed aside in the fire escape path. They also have continued to not throw out garbage on their wee, unsturdy balcony and continued to toss garbage on the roof/back alley. Talk about lazy.

Yesterday, while we had company over, we got a knock at the door by the neighbours. They needed our door open so that they can move their large couch out of the building. Ah, you should have seen the smile on our faces! They're actually moving out! I just wanted to high five my partner! Their soiled couch would not budge. It was wedged in between our door and the stairway. We silently laughed at their misfortune. Then they came up with a clever idea.

"Do you wanna just throw it off the balcony?"

Yep, that's how clever they are. However, I don't think the lady of the house would let them. I figure since they seem to have no problem throwing everything out their windows instead of leaving it on the curb of the street like everyone else does, that the couch would just end up on the building roof or in the middle of the back alley. I'm so very glad that they are moving. I wasn't looking forward to the potential bug/rodent situation that would occur with their uncleanliness once summer came. No more hallway smelling like pitbull piss either! Once they leave, I'm going to get a big ol' can of air freshener and I'll destink the place.

Keep your fingers crossed in regards to our new neighbours in the future.


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