31 May 2006

Satisfied Mind

It's funny how a little dose of home makes all the difference in the world.

I spent the last few days battling this inner gloominess. I tried my best to swallow it and go on about my day, not to let it affect anyone else around me. I am not sure if I was successful but I tried my best nonetheless. The other day, I said fuck it. I was armed with a handful of free Captain Highliner phone cards and a desire for gossip - I'm calling home! Soon, I discovered that Captain Highliner is a jerk with his ways of pushing fish sticks and peddling free phone cards that don't work that great so I dialed direct. For a moment, I felt a bit guilty. I shouldn't be spending money by accumilating long distance phone calls. By the end of it, no regrets. Those phone calls turned my day around completely. I can't stop smiling now!

I talked to a friend back home, whom I affectionately call my "sex kitten". We go way back. Well, not that far back but far enough. She used to be my little partner in crime. We'd get into stupid messes quite often. Once, we even got married to a group of guys through a ceremony that involved licorice and a cookbook - but that's another story. We have a lot of silly jokes that no one else gets and it was great just being a weirdo with her over the phone again. I miss her! Also, I am very proud of her. She went out and accomplished her dream of being a paramedic. She did it, she passed her tests, and now she is getting paid. Good for her!

As I was on the phone with her, another friend called and left a message. Yippee! I felt so special! Two calls in one day! I promptly called her back and we caught up. I haven't spoken to her in quite sometime. Oh gosh, probably sometime in the autumn? I haven't seen her in over a year as well. Since then, she has become a wife. A girl I never thought would get married! She is happy and adjusting to her new life. Her husband is in the military so she is now living on base. Her world is a little different now, obviously. Even though we are leading different lives, we are in the same boat of many levels. We spent over an hour chatting away about life and girly gossip and old times.

The next day, I woke up so very happy all because of these two connections. I have been planting up a storm lately. Maybe it's because I don't have a garden or maybe I just want to feel like a kid again. I have planted four found seeds, including a maple seed. I suppose I don' t really need a maple tree, haha, but I figure I can always grow it into a bonsai tree (in about 30 years) or replant it in a field somewhere. As well, all our carnivorous plants have officially had their first meal of the season as of yesterday!

We found a small beetle for Richard the Pitcher Plant. After great difficulty, we managed to get the beetle into his pitcher. The beetle struggled for a while, but he could not escape. We laughed evilly. My partner caught a fly for Vernon the Venus Flytrap and that was a success as well. Vernon's first meal ever! As we were looking at plants, I commented about Virgil the Venus Flytrap not rejecting the fly. It clicked it! We did not feed him afterall - he caught his this struggling fly (his leg was still moving in the trap) all on his own! That made my day! They are all growing up now - soon, they won't even need us anymore! I wish I had a digital camera to take pics of them.

As far as Weedy the Jack Pine seedling goes, we're a little worried. His growth is slow. His wee needley appendages are starting to brown on the tips. Are any of my readers experts on plants? Is this okay for pine seedlings to do? I don't want to lose Weedy - he's been through too much trauma since he was planted (lost his best friend due to a wind accident, probably fell over himself, infested with bugs to which we had to water him with a cigarette ash and water mixture, etc).

It's good to feel satisfied. I may be a bit broke and I may be a bit homesick - but I feel satisfied. I'm growing plants. I have a new bathmat that makes my feets happy. I have books to read and a towel to cross stitch ("Be My Bitch"). I even have a brand spanking new Waterpik for my teefs, yo.

And best of all, I am loved and I have me some great friends that I greatly appreciate.


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