24 May 2006

The Stomach Aches and the Mind Dreams!

My stomach is acting up again. Le sigh. I don't know what it is, what the hell is wrong with me. I'm not in pain, by any means. It's simply not pleasant. It's an odd sensation, that I feel is related to my stomach even though it doesn't necessarily hurt or feels unsettled. The uncomfortable part is this warm sensation I feel in my throat. It feels as though I drank too much booze and I'm on my way to yakking up a storm. It's that kind of warm feeling that tells you to stop drinking, to prevent yakking up a storm. I have a tremendous craving for water, just to stop that warm feeling and to make my mouth feel better. I'm drinking water...but it is not helping whatsoever. No worries, I'll survive.

I took into account what I consumed last week when I started feeling ill. Corona beer. I had two last week and felt like this a while later, after I ate dinner. Last night, I had not even a full bottle of Corona and I felt like this again, after I ate dinner. I just can't see how a single beer can linger around in your system though so it's probably something else.

The city workers began fixing our neighbour's crumbling balcony this morning. They haven't been too noisy so far but we were already awake when they started. Let's see how I feel about it tomorrow morning, grr. I kind of feel sorry for these workers as they had to clean the balcony beforehand. And it was covered in dog shit and rotting garbage. Yeah, and they said it was like that when they moved it. Yeah...what swines.

Oh! Once again, I was an active little dreamer. Ah, I seem to lead such an exciting life in the world of sleepytown!

First of all, I had a shopping dream. I was with another girl but I can't recall who. The shop looked like the old Met Mart in my hometown. I was very thrilled because this girl showed me where they kept cheap journals and I needed to buy one to write Felica in. We found the most amazing journal and we both bought the same one. A Lionel Ritchie journal, with several different photos of him that includes a full body photo and a dramatic profile picture. I was so happy because I already owned the Tom Jones one.

Then, I was walking in Winnipeg with my partner. I was very bored, because it wasn't a very pretty area of town. The houses were side-by-sides in a 60's design and very generic. It reminded me of former military housing units turned into low rental housing projects. There was a large wooden gate and I jumped over it. I discovered that I am also clumsy in my dreams - just like real life! I totally destroyed the gate, smashed to pieces. My partner told me to run so I ran. We were now running down my street back home. We were darting through backyards and driveways and back alleys. We kept running but he was faster than me. I looked down at myself and saw that I had an unusually large gut. My partner came up with a good idea to break into a house so that we could catch our breath and use the bathroom. We were very considerate and took off our shoes upon entering the house.

As we were putting our shoes on, this teenage male walked out of the hallway. He had a fantastic mullet! He greeted us warmly. Then this girl from high school came out to say hello and eventually invited us to eat dinner with them. Girl and Mulletboy disappeared, and we were seated with Angie who had a vast amount of pizza in front of her. She was selling her pizza to my partner, $2 a slice. He agreed. She offered me a free slice of pizza - but only her white vinegar and goat cheese slice. I politely declined. I looked down at the table and saw sugar packets all over the place. They were advertising this comedian I know online. I picked up a fork and ate them all.

Yep, that's my dream. I guess I shouldn't have watched Crackheads Gone Wild last night, haha!


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