18 May 2006

Under-the-Weather Dreams, featuring Mr. Leonard Cohen

Forgive me for my weak bloggery. It seems I have caught some sort of stomach ache. I hesitate to call it a flu, since I have had marvellous luck avoiding these types of flus. It struck me last night, after a tall glass of juice. It felt as though I consumed too much sugar and I felt queesy, uncomfortable. I went to bed early and woke at four in the morning to the same complaint. Thankfully, everything is staying down. I'm sure it will pass sometime today as long as I get my rest. This gives me the permission to stylishly lounge around in a velour tracksuit all day (while clutching leopard print pillow to stomach).

The reason I got out of fetal position to write a blog was to tell you about another dream I had last night. Still no dinosaurs barfing submarines! However, it was a good dream that needs to be remembered! Hopefully, my sleepy mind will allow me to do so.

First of all, I received plenty of mail and parcels in this dream. Those dreams always make me happy even though it never comes true. I received tons of envelopes and gifts from various friends. When shuffling through the articles I noticed gifts from Rachel, Dineen, and Dan (from South Dakota). I began opening up all the boxes and presents while my partner slept. There was a bowl of candy from someone. Strange pins and buttons. Books. The one item I remember most clearly came from Rachel. It was a box full of inflatable pool toys shaped like different sizes/styles of band-aids. I was so happy! I went away for a moment and I returned to see some child with his mother snacking at my bowl of candy. I screamed at them, telling them that these are MY candies from friends I only see once a year. I scolded her for not teaching her child respect for other peoples items. She replied that I should not have left candy out because candy is for children. Then I said a hearty, "Fuck off, bitch."

Now comes the good part. At least something good came from sleeping with a queesy stomach.

Oh, I was spending quality time with Mr. Leonard Cohen. Sigh! I've had dreams of him before, of the romantic sort. Nothing dirty, just spooning with Leonard. This one was just as lovely. I'm sure I have lost some of the details in my mind since getting out of bed.

There was some sort of gala going on, in honour of Leonard Cohen, and I was in attendance. I think it was to release his new book of poetry (in stores now, by the way). By some means, I ended up sitting at his table. There was no one really there at the table. Leonard sat beside me and his ex (who was blonde, so I assumed it was Marianne) was across from us. I can't remember our conversation, but just the feeling. It wasn't hot or mysterious. He acted very fatherly around me, protective. He did not want to be there whatsoever and I think it was because he was not feeling well. Marianne offered me a glass of milk and Leonard convinced me further. Oddly enough, I was already carrying around a glass of milk. He was drinking milk as well, but filling up a needle to inject himself with something. I didn't know what it was but it did not frighten me so I assumed it was beneficial for his health and not the deconstruction of it. He kept reaching over to reach something on the table and his arm would brush across my face. I didn't move out of the way. He kept talking but I didn't concentrate on the words - just the sound of his voice. At one point, he kissed the back of my head and called me "dear". I sat there, feeling all silly inside.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "How would you like to accompanying this 71 year old grandfather to the depanneur shortly?"

It sounded utterly poetic.

"But, it's your night and people are here to see you!"


Sigh...and that was the last thing he said to me. He got on stage and I got paranoid that I was looking shiny. I went on a quest to find my face powder in my purse, which felt like a bottomless pit. I found my camera and I was going to take a photo of us, otherwise no one would believe me that I was with Leonard Cohen and we went to the depanneur (which is a corner store/convenience store, by the way) together. There were tons of people in the hallways and when I returned to the gala - no one was watching Leonard on stage anymore. It offended me, but I looked forward to our trip to the depanneur together, arm in arm.

And then, being the jerk that I am - I woke up.

Still, a nice dream to have when you are feeling under the weather.


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