21 June 2006

Gamera Vs. Gyaos (in my living room)

Earlier today, I made a list of what I am running out of. Funny, it always seems like you run out of items when you are either severely broke or shamefully unemployed. I fall under the shamefully unemployed category. I'm a catch, I know! Needless to say, this list was long and stressful to complete. Hairspray, shampoo/conditioner, Rusk Thick spray (in order to create bang perfection), lipstick, lipliner - the list goes on and on. Yeah, it's stuff I could possibly live without but I never splurge. Let me have my damned lipstick.

Instead of putting aside money to buy these listed items, I splendidly splurged on something I truly do not need.

Oh! What is that I hear!? Is it a small Japanese child in distress?!

Gamera! Gamera!

I am the humble eBay winner of two remote control models of Gamera and Gyaos! Oh yes...soon, I will have a battle on the floor of my living room. Gamera vs. Gyaos. I will build a small city and have wee army men who will be smashed by their sheer force. I'll probably be dipping into the gin that night too. Oh yes, I am looking forward to their arrival to Canada and my living room.

This is an illustrated example of what our living room battle will look like:


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