14 June 2006

Lip Sync

I have some bad days, just like everyone else. You know those kind of bad days - nothing really is that bad in the grand scheme of things. You just feel a little shitty and temporarily meaningless. You sit in front of the computer and feel like a bit of a loser and that you should really be accomplishing something grand and thrilling - but you just sit there, wondering what next. And then the next thing you know, you are in a crap mood and wasted half the night. Ta-Dah!

A few months back, I had one of those nights. I browsed the internet aimlessly and came across a website that greatly amused me and convinced me that I'm okay and all will be well.

The site is called GoogleIdol (unrelated to Google, itself). They hold lip-sync competitions for regular video cameras and webcams. Anyone can vote, to choose the final heat winners. Now, you may view this site and think these folks are the real losers here. You'll laugh for a bit and think you would never dare do that yourself. That's what I did upon first sight. Who does this!?

Then I saw the fun it in. Some of these people are adults who have the balls to get together with their friends, don wigs and lip sync to hilarious songs in their parents basement. A lot of them are wacky Europeans, pretending to sing along to Aqua or the BeeGees or Abba. There are groups of young males who mock Backstreet Boys videos, while wearing flowing shirts and tinted sunglasses as they serenade each other. I have to give them credit for having fun and acting silly and childlike.

I remember in grade six, we were forced to do a lip sync contest. The group I was in voted to "perform" that song from the hit movie "Dirty Dancing" - "I Had the Time of my Life", or whatever it was called. I despised this song and hated to be a part of a forced group activity. They assigned me to be the keyboard player and I was the most unenthusiastic of the bunch. They all complained and hated me for it and to this day I have refused to see Dirty Dancing. That's how I hold grudges. I think we lost the contest, thanks to me and my lack of team spirit.

There are some people who are really serious about their videos on this website and those aren't the good ones, in my opinion. No, that's not fun. Give me some grown men with bad wigs and moustaches, singing in their basement or backyard to some cheesy song of the past. Yeah, most people may think they are losers for doing so. But you have to give them credit for doing something silly and fun and child-like while keeping a straight face.

Here's an example of one of the videos I saw during my first visit to the site, when I was having a crap day. It made me laugh and amused my mood.

C'mon...you have to admit - it looks like they are having fun.


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