05 June 2006

Monday, Monday

In the middle of a reasonably amazing blog, the damned power went off. Isn't that always the case? I cannot re-create my lost words, I'm afraid. Ah well, sometimes you have a lose pieces of writing here and there. I try not to be irked but look at the positive side - perhaps out of my loss, a good idea will come along when I least expect it.

My eyes are heavy tonight. I managed to find myself a little side project - in other words, a few days of work. Calling it a "side project" makes me feel important, heh. I woke up bright and early to start and all I can say is - I am not used to getting up bright and early. However, it was rather peaceful this morning. It was a slow and sunny day, perfect to absorb the sights around me. Ah, the trees are leafy and green, flowers are a'blooming. It was a really lovely day, that reminded me of being back home. A lazy walk to work, passing by the morning coffee shops - if only I had some of the regular back home folks to stop to chat with! I used to have a string of close strangers I would talk to - the hair salon guy, Noel the crazy adventurer who gave me one of the best pieces of travel/life advice, the crew from Thunder Bay, Joshua who loved Jesus, so on and so forth.

I successfully avoided a packed subway, which always makes my day. It was perfect timing. There were no stuffy business people on their way to the office, armed with crisp shirts and briefcases. There were no irritating high school kids either. Thank goodness. Needless to say, I avoided being laughed at in public as these kids seem to love to laugh at me. I don't know why. There are tons of fashion disasters in this city. Funny - a girl who wears leg warmers, plastic dangly neon coloured 80's earrings, and pointy elf shoes can escape being ridiculed but rather is adored for her avantgarde fashion concept. Yet, I go out looking relatively normal and I'm the one getting laughed at by saggy assed hiphoppers.

My side project went well. It was an easy and stressfree day. A very quiet day that was close to perfect. Perfect in the sense that I was left alone to do my thing. No one was near me. I had space and air to breathe. I was in silence and I loved it. In the end, I received praise and compliments galore which felt great. If only praise and compliments could pay my rent! Ah well, at least it is a little cash to line my pocket with and it felt good to be lost in my own little (measly paid) world for a while.

Coming home, the subway was sweaty and packed. At some point on my journey home, I politely offered my seat to an older lady who politely smiled and declined. A stop later, she went to sit at the next available seat. I guess she got a little tangled up in her own purse strap (I've been there before!) and by the time she inched towards her seat (which was very obvious), this perfectly capable-of-standing woman pushed her and another woman out of the way. Man, that irks me. I know it's dog eat dog in the subway sometimes, but really - let an older person sit. She's probably working past retirement age like we all will someday and deserves to rest her dogs. She doesn't deserve to be vigorously pushed out of the way. I've seen this kind of woman before and it's shameful. Once I saw this woman push a little old lady out of the way to get a seat (she took both seats, by the way) - only so she could frantically scratch her lottery tickets. It made me kind of sick to witness that.

Speaking of dogs, summer is here and I am discovering that I still loathe the sandal. Honestly, I hate sandals and I hate seeing the feet and toes of strangers. Unless you are a friend or a stranger who takes strict care of her feet with pedicures and fresh polish - I don't want to see your feet in sandals. Hell, I don't even want to see my own feet in sandals. And don't get me started on men who wear sandals. Mandals, if you will.

Last night, I had a wonky dream. This dream was born of three things:
1) My paranoia about the terrorism threat and tomorrow's date being 6-6-06
2) Recent viewing of Dead Like Me
3) Recent viewing of Son of Godzilla

In my dream, I was being held hostage by these two guys. These guys were real chumps, didn't know what they were doing. They had blow dried 80's hair, aviator sunglasses, and blazers. They had no leadership skills, whatsoever. They just kept walking around this house with their machine guns, wearing a look of irritation on their baby faces. A bunch of us were in this random house in the suburbs. It was an inconvenience to us all, actually. No one felt threatened - just irked that these guys ruined our plans. I'm there, with only five cigarettes. I'm bored, so I smoked them all. My old friend Pam was there, smoking at the table. Miles was there. I was really disappointed in him because he didn't pay any attention to me - he only gave me a smile and a nod. Why didn't he call me, I thought. He was with these two velour tracksuit wearing Italians and he worked for them. Miles worked for the Mafia! Being held hostage was so boring that I took a shower and spent the rest of my dream catwalking around in a towel. I headed towards the bathroom. All of a sudden, this bright green frog and his tadpole son began to follow me. It was a race to the bathroom and they beat me! So here I was, in a small bathroom and chased by a frog and his tadpole son. When I looked around me, there were wee white tadpole carcasses all around me - on the toilet seat rim, in the bathroom, on the floor. Oddly enough, it didn't gross me out. I was just feeling crunchy at the inconvenience of not only being held hostage by complete morons but having to deal with a dirty bathroom full of white tadpole carcasses.

I lead a colourful and adventurous life in my dreams! If only I could be chased my a friendly wedge of cheese that simply wants to be hugged. The two of us could go skipping into the sunset, hand in hand, off to our house made of bacon - sigh!

To end my evening, a hot cup of coffee (which I will come to curse when I am falling asleep) and brief company of the boys. They are playing a little gig tonight and I wish I could go. They will be doing a twangy cover of Dean Martin's "Memories are Made of These" which will no doubt sound fantastic. Ah, more side projectery tomorrow morning though.

Yep, today was a good day.


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