16 June 2006

Six Strange Facts

It has come to my attention that I have been requested to submit six wacky facts about yours truly. Thank you, The Know It All Astrologer! Not only do I enjoy reading your bloggery, but you're encouraging me to have a little fun here!

1) I have this habit. Sigh - it's not something to be proud of and I think I have, somewhat, conquered it. You see, I have this physical habit of walking around with my index finger pointed out. It's is kind of like I am declaring that I am number one, without raising my arm in the air - haha. I never knew I did this until an old co-worker made note of it while I was mopping the salon floor. He endlessly teased me about this by calling me a "Pointer Sister" or by saying "You're number one!". He wasn't too clever when it came to annoying people. Anyway, I still catch myself doing this at times - usually when I am walking down the street.

2) When I was a child, I had two different repetitive dreams. I would always dream about Spiderman and it would always be in black and white. He would be flying on his web, from telephone pole to telephone poll. It scared me to no end. Oddly enough, Spiderman was my hero as a child so it makes no sense that I would be afraid of such a dream. The other repetitive dream was where Frankenstein would chase me down the street. As you know, ol' Frankie wasn't the fastest of sorts so you would assume I'd outrun him. Hah! I barely would shut the door to lock it and often I would simply hide under our neighbour's deck. I would always wake up just in time. As a child and adult, I enjoyed all those old monster movies and makeup. Why was I scared of what I liked?!

3) Since moving away from home, I have developed new habits - especially when falling asleep. I have to have a freshly straightened bed to sleep in, I have to tuck the top sheet in under the mattress, I have to fall asleep in a completely different position than before, and I have to rub my feet against the sheet. All my OCD tendancies have come out!

4) I was once kissed by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Okay, so it was only on the cheek - but it's still a kiss and a story to tell! He came into the music store I managed and asked me if we sold any dirty movies, rather flirtatiously. I giggled. He played my my bangs and said he liked my hair. I giggled some more. He left with a kiss on my cheek. It still confuses me to know end, why the heck I giggled so much when I am not even attracted to him.

5) I have a certain spot behind my ear that if you scratch that area, I am instantly yawning and ready to take a nap. Sleepy spot, if you will!

6) At this point, I am running out of ideas. Hahaha...Okay, so here's a recent oddity. I am currently growing a maple seedling. I don't really have any need for a maple tree, considering I live in an apartment with no green space. Yep, I'm growing a maple tree. Who knows, maybe I'll turn it into a mini bonsai tree when it grows up. And boy, is it growing fast!

I have no one to tag, since I haven't developed any sort of readership on here. Ah well.

A message to my tagger - Never take Slurpees forgranted. There are no damned 7-11s in this damned province! How I miss the Slurpee!


Blogger Wendy said...

You have a sleep button!! hee

I will dedicate my next slurpee to you.


8:51 PM  

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