23 June 2006

Sleepy Female

I don't what it is lately, but I just can't keep my eyes open. I know I lean towards being a "sleepy female", but there is no reason for me to feel this bloody tired so early in the day or in the evening. I need to get me some toothpicks and I'll just prop my eye lids up - or else, I will paint eyeballs on my eye lids so that it appears that I am awake. Whatever the case may be, I feel the effects. I can't seem to tell a good story here, within yawning or being distracted. I can't get my ideas out and create a good feel, even in a blog. I'm not proud of recent entries and pieces of writing. I just want to take a nap.

I think what my problem is, is that I do get enough sleep - technically speaking. Simply, I do not think that I am waking up properly, as suited to me. Every morning, I mentally beg to myself. Just give me one day of a proper wake-up. Let me wake up naturally, please? If it's not the white, fluffy attention whore poodle that yelps bloody murder at 8 in the morning - it's construction on the other building near us. One morning, we were awoken with workers who were screaming Quebecois songs and were belching - let alone, the regular noise construction causes. I don't know what's worse - yelping small dog or singing Frenchmen. Quite honestly, both make my ears bleed a little.

This week. Thankfully, there was no construction on the building behind us. We were looking forward to a relatively peaceful morning. Oh, that concept is silly! As if we would be granted a peaceful morning. Our lovely neighbours in the building beside us began another round of what I called "Redneck Renovations". Grampa Imbred set up scafolding and a big white tarp. Every morning at exactly 9 am, he would begin to work. Tap! Tap! Tap! to remove the bricks off the exterior. The worst thing is that he will do this, he will insist on tapping and banging away for a good five or ten minutes. You know, enough to wake us up. And just like that, he will stop for an hour or more before actually getting anything done. At least I can be grateful that their grandson no longer throws tantrums every morning. Brat.

I had the best intentions to take on the day with enthusiasm and vitality. Then, I got distracted. Distracted danced me to sleepy. I'm not complaining, I could have pissed away the day by watching television. Truth me told, I was watching old music videos which makes me sound a little lame. Alas, it was fun and made me smile and made me want to dance. It threw me back to a good time. Afterall, how many people can say the drunkenly sang karaoke to The Statler Brothers's Flowers on the Wall? Ah, good times! I watched some old Coolio videos and Snoop Dog, as they remind me of my cousin. I watched some Skee-Lo and Scatman, as they remind me of the crap music they played in bars when I first turned 18. I watched Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys for no particular reason and I'm not afraid to admit it. I watched some Supergrass, Lightning Seeds, and Pulp in honour of my Saturday night of yesteryear. I danced in my living room today. I remain surprised at how well I remember the words to certain Coolio songs.

I ended up cutting out all that nonsense and wandered over to the used bookstore, in hopes of some amazing deals. I usually go every couple of weeks or more, but last week I came across a spectacular find. Old Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot cards for only $2! A few decks have sold on eBay for $50. It wouldn't break my heart to seperate with this deck. Besides, I have always heard that it's not wise to use a deck that you bought for yourself. Though the cards feature heavy symbolism, I don't truly adore the artwork. Today, I walked away with a few books. Another book by Richard Adams, the man who penned Watership Down. This book deals with the supernatural and eroticism. I'm curious. I came home with two older paperbacks about World War 2 and the Civil War.

I made friends with pigeons today. They're no bacon birds, but I'll take the feathery companionship regardless. I know I shouldn't encourage pigeons to live on our building's garage roof but it's nice to actually see pleasant life around our building (not rednecks doing renovations, not children throwing tantrums, not mothers who throw dirty diapers off their balconies, etc). Pigeons. Sure, they crap. Sure, they'll get used to me feeding them slices of bread and wait for more (until they evilly dart for my neck with their pigeony beaks...caw-CAW!). It's nice to take care of a creature. I think I will call them Gideon and Ophelia.

Now, if only my slices of bread would attract a Great Horned Owl. That would be a hoot. *insert foghorn sound here*

Then, I will train my Great Horned Owl to randomly attack my neighbours and/or construction workers. Or even people I temporarily dislike due to having PMS (like Ed Harris, when he plays Pollock). He will become fierce with a single toot of my magic owl-violence whistle. Hahahaha....

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