11 October 2006

Life...and Death

You could say I've been on hiatus, just like your favourite television shows during the summer. There seems to be a lot of little news these days. A lot of little events. I should have been a lot less lazy but in all honesty - I just don't feel like sitting in front of the computer. Don't y'all worry now, I've been reasonably happy and life is good. Rest assured.

In a nutshell and a quick blurb about the last little while -
I went home for a two week visit in August. During said visit, I got a nasty headcold and it kicked my ass. It lingered and turned into a bleeding ear infection. And when I say "bleeding", I mean actual blood. I didn't see as many people as I would have liked to but I saw the light on a particular matter. I came back here, only to stress out about money. When I stress out, I become paralyzed and accomplish very little. Once that calmed down, I got a job. It's only temporary, it's full of team spirit, and I have to wake up at six in the morning. I may live most days as a character of Dawn of the Dead as I stumble to the metro, but it's paying my bills. As well, we have found a new place to live. We will be finally moving out of this little apartment in a few weeks. The building is nice and clean, there's plenty of room, and it's in the same neighbourhood but on a better side. It is very much a home. I anticipate decorating. I dread packing. In this very same nutshell, my grandmother's cat died. I will write a longer blog about this because I literally grew up with this beast of a cat. He was 21 years of age and I called him "my handsome cat". Sigh. I had a friend of a friend come to visit - it was nice talking with someone from home. Another friend from the south came to visit us this past weekend. Yeah, this nutshell doesn't sound like much. In lieu of sitting in front of the computer and wasting time, I have been busy in the kitchen with the cooking and the baking. Talking lots to friends, feeling the weight of money stress come off my lovely shoulders, and simply looking forward.

There is a reason I wanted to write tonight, however.

I found out the other morning that someone I knew of passed away in his sleep. Now, I'm not going to be an asshole and say I knew him, that we were buddies. Too many people do that when someone passes away and I cringe at the thought of being that brand of phony. Simply, he was my body piercer from years ago. He was my friend on myspace and we exchanged a few short comments a while back. Though I did not know him very well whatsoever, it came as a saddened surprise to hear this. What I did know of him was that he was kind and friendly. He put you at ease when you were in his presense and getting pierced. He was the definition of professional. He seemed truly genuine and I am certain that he will be missed by many.

Forgive me if I sound preachy. It is sad that these kind of stupid life occurances (that don't seem fair) solidly remind us that we should never go to bed angry at our partner or our parents - or hold silly grudges over silly issues with friends or family. Man, life is too short as it is. Let go of all those small things that line our breathe with petty bitterness or catty jealousies. Let go of that late night squabble about something unbelievably forgetable. Walk away from those that pull you down in their shitty little world and be there for yourself, be there for the people that truly appreciate you.

And never forget to tell that person that you love them. Or that you appreciate them. Or a thank you for being such a wonderful mother or father or sister or brother-in-law or friend.

...more blogs to come, promise!...

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