09 January 2007

Ch-Ch-Chia Pet!

Yep...I got myself my very own Chia Pet this Christmas from one of my best friends. Little did she know, I have always wanted a Chia Pet. Call me lame, but I like silly little things like this. Anyway, it's been days since I started this project (if you can call it that). My Chia Hippo has yet to grow a fine coat of chia herb. Sigh. I think Chia Hippo is in cahoots with my supposed bonsai "tree" which looks like a small weed. Also, I bought myself a digital camera over the holidays so I can take photographs of my exciting, fast-paced life here in Montreal.

Day One~
You are supposed to soak the Chia Hippo planter. I did that. And boy, was I excited to start planting. I soaked him for the suggested 24 hours and then realized that I was supposed to soak the seeds as well. Oops. Chia Hippo soaked for 48 hours instead. I think he enjoyed his bath.

Awww... isn't he cute?



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