22 January 2007

Weird Dreams

My head has been like a turned-on television set when I fall asleep. I dream, on and on. Though I have slept, I wake up tired but very amused.

I had a dream yesterday that I was in this very fancy and exclusive magazine/wine shop. I was with a good friend of mine. This was a lovely place to be; trendy music playing in the background, mahogany decor, and a lovely wine selection. We walked around the place as though we owned it. I had a glass of red wine in my hand and I catwalked in front of the magazines as though I was a supermodel or had a lot of money to blow on magazines for the rich. We drank our wine and looked beautiful.

Sitting on a mahogany bench was this young man. He was rather nerdy, with chin length hair and glasses. He began to walk about and I began to notice him a little more. He was looking at me. He commented outloud, "They have nice magazines here", while staring directly at my boobs. He just called my boobs magazines!

After a while of drinking wine and roaming around with our noses in the air, the young man approached us. I gave my friend a look of pretend-you're-my-boyfriend. The young man simply wanted to thank us, in a snooty accent, for making this stop on our trip to Montreal and to support the scene. We thought he was a complete wingnut.

And because my dreams are so stupid, I proceeded to go to the magazine/wine shop's kitchen and do dishes while standing on a wee stool and the kitchen staff glared at me.

When my friend and I were leaving, there were grocery store type check-out lines at the exit. I noticed the young man again, but with a woman. And then I figured it all out - he was with his mother and he was really only twelve years old. The thought of a twelve year old calling my boobs "magazines" left a bad, bad taste in my mouth.

The next dream, I was in a very big and open room that had lots of couches and seating areas. My close girl friend was with me. An long-time online friend was there as well. My girl friend presented me with this tiny stuffed animal that she made out of pom-poms and felt. My online friend picked up the toy to look at it, and then made the stuffed animal kiss my nose and my cheeks. He did the same to my girl friend. We felt warm and fuzzy. And then he gave us acid.

He gave us these pills that he called acid, but really looked like the anti-anxiety pills I have taken before. I thought, I shouldn't be doing this, this isn't right. But my online friend, who was wearing wonderful pants, put the pill under my tongue and told me to let it dissolve in my mouth. I couldn't say no, he just had such a nice pair of pants on. He gave my girl friend some pills too. He gave me another pill. He gave her another pill. By then, I noticed everyone was high around me and it was a very peaceful room. Little did my online friend know, I only took half a pill and hide the other pills under my leg. I was feeling dizzy and stoned (not like I know what an acid-high is like anyway). I kept asking myself, what is he trying to do by feeding us all these pills...oh, but his pants are sooo nice.

And then I spent the rest of the dream cuddling with my girl friend on a couch. We took a walk-around and I figured out that we were all in a police youth detention center.

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