26 April 2007

Balcony Cats

Lately, our balcony has been the meeting place for all the neighborhood cats to hang out. I have to admit, it's delightful for me. I love cats and it took a lot of getting used to not living with one, when I moved here. Recently, a handsome big tabby has decided to live on our balcony. I originally thought this cat was our neighbor's cat. Well, they thought it was ours and started feeding it. Now, they put a little box with a blanket inside for him to sleep in. He's very well behaved, very handsome, and I can't help but be happy that he has befriended us. I do hope, however, he has a home. I like to think that he just likes to beg at our door and then returns home at night. My partner has started to call him Chester, as well as lazy. We were hanging out on the balcony last night with Chester and a big kitten came by and the mangy local stray. My partner said that there is no way that Chester would protect the balcony from mice. Well, Chester proved him wrong this morning...when I caught him with a dangling mouse tail in his mouth.

Enjoy the pics!

Sleepy Chester the Tabby

Protecting the balcony from mice.

Sleepy Chester

Making sure Blackie doesn't cross any lines!

Blackie, who lives across the street with the caretaker.

Mangy stray cat. He's a scrapper.

Chester waits on our welcome mat.

"This is my balcony. Feed me."

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