24 April 2007

Pixel-y Goodness?

My television is junk. I don't watch television though sometimes, I admit, I long to. I moved here without understanding how much I relied on television as a source of entertainment. Now, I only use it to watch news on the one clear channel that we get in. We watch the vast majority of movies on the computer. It kind of gets tired after a while. Sometimes I wish I could watch movies in a fancy pants home theatre. And along with that wish? A microwave for the sole purpose of making popcorn.

I guess it gets complicated once you have a home theatre system or a big, shiny television like most people have nowadays. I recall going to my sister's place in the summer and seeing how pixel-y her fancy television became at moments. I suppose what is the purpose of owning a fancy new television when it becomes all pixelated?

With plasma tvs, I learned that often you get "ghosting" and "image burn-in". With LCD tvs, you get pixel drop out and trailing. There is, apparently, a simple solution to all these issues. With this special DVD called Pixel Protector you can fix all your worries with your fancy pants television set. It's actually kind of interesting to read over. I'm far from being an expert in these matters, but see for yourself. This DVD might help your pixel-y set.


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