13 April 2007

Wish I could go...

...to Amsterdam!

Sigh, the travel bug is in me...and I just can't seem to shake it. I wish I could go away from all this snow and winter than won't ever end! Anyway, for those readers of mine who actually have the luxury of travelling - I found a good website geared towards vacationing in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome. Oh, the thought of it even feels great as I keep warm inside!

EasytoBook offers information on hotel rooms and accommendations, as well as lists the tourist attractions in each city. I was most impressed with that feature. There is a lovely description of each tourist attraction, complete with a Google Earth map - good job!

For kicks, I compared EasytoBook with Expedia. I don't know if I am blind or not web-savvy or not well-travelled, but it looks to me as though they have Expedia beat by a long-shot.


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