27 May 2007

Dealing with Dog

I think Toshio is officially draining the life out of me! In my head, I am screaming - "Calgon, take me away!" and "Good God, I need a vacation! Please, grant me a vacation! Vegas...Winnipeg...I don't care!".

Okay, so he's not that bad. I have to admit, he's a little neurotic since my boyfriend left for his tour. He is now barking at anything in the house. He has been reasonably good on his leash but this morning he pulled something fierce. He pulled to the point where his collar almost came off. He is really scared of people - people coming out of their cars, people on bicycles who choose to ride on the sideWALK, people who are making lots of noise. I keep getting handfuls of advice for his leash pulling and his barking. I even read online that I am supposed to look out the window to reassure him that there is no threat outside and then say he is a good boy. My hands are sore from the leash already. My body is tired. My voice is tired from saying no. I love the dog, don't get me wrong. I just want him to calm down a bit. God, imagine me with a child - yikes.

One trick I read online actually worked. Have the dog sit. You calmly say his name and "good dog" while softly petting his body, from his head to his legs. It apparently helps you bond with your dog. I noticed that when I do that, he calms right down. His body becomes less tense. He ends up on his back, allowing me to pet his chest and belly. He looks like he is in heaven. It's actually rather adorable. As well, I noticed that since doing that - he is spending more time with me rather than waiting at the door for my boyfriend to return home. I'm feeling lonely...I need some petting and encouraging words whispered in my ear, haha.

I ran into a man and his dog in the park, if you will, this morning. Of course, I didn't even have any coffee in my system so I was pretty out of it. We talked about skunks while Toshio played with his Scottie-dog named Miles. His dog got sprayed three times, once at ten in the morning. He told me that peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap is better than tomato juice to remove the stink of skunk spray. I should get some of that...just in case. According to this man, there are a lot of skunks in this area. Great!

Anyway, I had an exciting Saturday night last night. I cleaned the bathroom. How sexy is that? Of course, the bathroom really did need a good cleaning. I've been putting it off for far too long. Everything is shiny and dust-free. I get a bizarre sense of satisfaction out of that part. However, I could think of more interesting ways to spend my Saturday night than cleaning my bathroom. My entire Saturday was cleaning and saying no to the dog's barking.

Slowly but surely, all the sexy will be drained out of me by the time my boyfriend gets back from tour.

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26 May 2007

Tour Widow - Day One

Ah, so today is the first full day of being a tour widow. I'll begin to conquer the day once the coffee kicks in. My man left us yesterday afternoon.

Our new dog is a little bummed out and that makes me sad. My man told me that dogs can sense your moods so I've been trying to keep up a cheerful and playful attitude around the mutt. Still, our dog waits patiently by the door for his daddy to return despite my efforts. Our first walk together sans daddy went alright. Actually, it felt like tug o' war between us.

Our midnight walk went surprisingly well though. Needless to say, the dog got a little cookie when we reached home. We usually take him to this parking lot at night, which faces a grassy hill. We both run around and act silly. So I let him off his leash and we begin to act goofy together. From out of nowhere, a skunk bolted across the lot. And of course, the dog thinks it is another small dog that he can play with. He got this incredibly silly look on his face that screams playtime. They went face to face and I was yelling at him to get back to me. Thank God, he listened to me and came back with this look of "what's wrong?". The last thing I needed was a skunky dog at midnight with nothing to cure it. By the way, in case something like this actually happens - what do I do? I heard something about tomato juice or tomato sauce. The highlight of our midnight walk? Since it was so incredibly hot and humid out yesterday - we found a lawn sprinkler and ran through it together! That cooled us both off.

Our morning walk was quiet and he was reasonably well behaved. I am not as overwhelmed as I thought I would be with just the dog and me. Now if he can only shut his trap when the neighbors are out on the balcony and I'd be happy! I think he is just trying to protect me though even though the neighbors think he is adorable enough to bring him "cookies". On a side note, the neighbor also brought me a big bag of oranges. I won't be getting any scurvy while my man is on the road, that's for sure.

My man played in Ottawa last night and it looks like everything went surprisingly well. We found out this morning that his phone card has expired which kind of sucks. I don't recall the phone card having an expiration date on it and it was only recently that I put more money on the card. You would think that a card would not expire if the card is still active and being used. I hate wasting money.

In other news, I made an amazing pot of coffee this morning. I'm hoping it kicks in soon. I feel beat and, for some strange reason, my right eyelid is swollen. Just call me Popeye.

I had a dream last night that my friend was pretending to be a werewolf and was chasing me around. I was giggling like a schoolgirl, bouncy in a tight sweater and all.

You know what I'm sick of? Myspace"friend" requests from books. Heck, I love to read. I adore the written word. However, I'm sick of seeing these stupid requests for books. I have accepted a few of them. For example, I accepted a certain book/friend request - not only does his punk rock writings seem interesting, he's a former Winnipegger and he's a cool, funny guy. Books on Myspace are becoming like music. It seems like anyone can put a book out nowadays. I suppose I should not assume but I highly doubt that the majority of these books are any good. I can say for certain, the book covers are usually terrible. I wonder if there is an option on Myspace that allows you to not accept requests from books? I know there is one for bands.

Anyway, this blorg is all over the place.

I should be making good use of my time. Conquering the day or something grand. My place is a mess so I think I should take care of that first. My life should be a little sexier than dirty dishes and laundry, haha.

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19 May 2007

Slightly Sickly

I've been here in Montreal for almost three years and this is pretty much the first time I fell ill (not counting my wisdom tooth ordeal). My head feels heavy and feverish. My eyes are half-shut. I feel like staying in bed all day, for all the wrong reasons. It could be worse, of course. I can still breathe. My throat is not scratchy. My body and mind is simply feeling worn down and weak. I'm certain I will make pleasant company at the dinner party I am attending tonight. I'll be the one in the corner, grasping my forehead. Come say hi, I'll let out a pitiful moan in return!

Lately, my dreams are scattered and make no sense. I've come to realize the Gods of Sleep are working against me. Last night, I had a fantastic and potentially sexy dream of being in Las Vegas with a handful of former co-workers. I was in a skyscraper, looking at the city skyline with a smirk on my face and wondering what kind of mischief I will find in the middle of my night. Ah...and then the dog woke me up at four in the morning by getting sick.

Speaking of the dog, Toshio is getting along rather well. He is still quite afraid of people and strange objects (bicycles, pylons, plastic bags blowing in the wind, etc). He trusts us now, knowing that he does have a home to go back to and won't be abused. He behaves himself a little better on the leash, as well. He only starts to pull when he is scared or when he knows he is on our street. He still doesn't make much of a production when he has to go outside though so there have been a few messes here and there. I get tons of morning kisses from him, which is a bit strange, and he follows me around constantly, protecting me until a plastic bag crosses our path! And I'm getting used to taking care of the beast too. Of course, he thinks we're equals - I think - and doesn't listen to me as much as he should. I'm trying my best to be more dominent though I admit...sometimes I am so tired of saying no, heh. We'll see what happens when it's only me and Toshio for the next three weeks.

My stint as a tour widow starts next week. I hope some lovely gals will keep me company. Sweaty pillow fight, anyone?!

As some of you know, I get the summers (and Christmas) off at my work. It comes in handy. I get to go home when I can. Anyway, I managed to get a gig typing out my friend's film script...which was actually full of fun and surprises. As well, I took on some extra work from my job to complete at home. Without revealing too many details, I'm doing government agency evaluations via the telephone. It's easy, good money, and I could "go to work" while not wearing pants...if I want to. Pants-free Linda = Happiness.

One of the highlights of my week was finding a long-lost friend on Facebook. I found my old co-worker and good friend Liza. This makes me incredibly happy as she always crossed my mind since we lost touch. She's the kind of woman that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel incredibly glad that you have someone like her in your life as a friend. I've missed our talks and our laughs. She's in Tennessee now, happy and healthy and doing rather well for herself. That's exactly what I hoped to hear from her. I guess the internet is good for something other than porn, haha!

Lately, all I want to do is go home. I've been thinking about home a lot these days. I don't know when I can get home this summer. I have a dog to think about now and I'll be left alone for a good chunk of summer. I have to plan my trip around that and, call me selfish, it discourages me a little. I wish I could be there for when my father retires this month (just typing that brings tears to my eyes). I wish I could be goofy with my sister when she takes her holidays. I wish I could say happy birthday to my grandmother's face rather than over the telephone. I even wish I could be irked by my mom, haha. Sometimes, I feel like the worst daughter in the world for living so far from my family. I think I just need a good dose of endless, beautiful prairie skies and honest smiles from old friends to renew myself. I think I need an adventure.

But first, I have to get over this cold....haha.

18 May 2007

Travel Bug

Call it a case of boredom. I have the travel bug and in a bad way at that. I'm also not feeling very well - one of those spring-time colds due to weather change. I feel like I barely have the strength to type, let alone think.

So, I came across a site on Hawaii vacation packages. Hawaii is not one of my travel goals but, heck, it's nice to dream and fantasize about where I can go if I actually had the money. There are some nice packages there, I have to say. Ahhh...wouldn't it be nice to get away to a holiday one of their lovely Kauai condos?

Maybe one day...one day I'll enjoy a beautiful Hawaiian vacation package or (something else!) myself. Until then, I have my dreams.

03 May 2007

Home Decor - Lighting

Since moving out with my partner, I have become drawn to making my home a much better place to spend time. When money is tight, you have to have a home that you enjoy to be in. That was the big difference between our last place and our current apartment. I actually take pride in my home. It's not just an apartment - it's a HOME. Believe me, there's a BIG difference between the two.

Though money is tight, that doesn't stop me from looking around online for cool additions to add to our home. Sure, I can't really afford to buy much...but it's still nice to look! I came across an interesting site for lighting options called Farrey's, which is dedicated to household products such as ceiling fans, faucets, etc. There's some very cool things on this no-nonsense site. A little out of my price limited...but amazingly beautiful things to add to your home.

I'm not at the point where I obsessively watch home decorating television shows just yet (thankfully, I have no television!), but I can admit that oooh-ed and awed over a few things on this site. Check out the "Fine Arts Lamps" for some really cool Asian inspired outdoor lighting ideas. Wow, soooo nice!

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