27 May 2007

Dealing with Dog

I think Toshio is officially draining the life out of me! In my head, I am screaming - "Calgon, take me away!" and "Good God, I need a vacation! Please, grant me a vacation! Vegas...Winnipeg...I don't care!".

Okay, so he's not that bad. I have to admit, he's a little neurotic since my boyfriend left for his tour. He is now barking at anything in the house. He has been reasonably good on his leash but this morning he pulled something fierce. He pulled to the point where his collar almost came off. He is really scared of people - people coming out of their cars, people on bicycles who choose to ride on the sideWALK, people who are making lots of noise. I keep getting handfuls of advice for his leash pulling and his barking. I even read online that I am supposed to look out the window to reassure him that there is no threat outside and then say he is a good boy. My hands are sore from the leash already. My body is tired. My voice is tired from saying no. I love the dog, don't get me wrong. I just want him to calm down a bit. God, imagine me with a child - yikes.

One trick I read online actually worked. Have the dog sit. You calmly say his name and "good dog" while softly petting his body, from his head to his legs. It apparently helps you bond with your dog. I noticed that when I do that, he calms right down. His body becomes less tense. He ends up on his back, allowing me to pet his chest and belly. He looks like he is in heaven. It's actually rather adorable. As well, I noticed that since doing that - he is spending more time with me rather than waiting at the door for my boyfriend to return home. I'm feeling lonely...I need some petting and encouraging words whispered in my ear, haha.

I ran into a man and his dog in the park, if you will, this morning. Of course, I didn't even have any coffee in my system so I was pretty out of it. We talked about skunks while Toshio played with his Scottie-dog named Miles. His dog got sprayed three times, once at ten in the morning. He told me that peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap is better than tomato juice to remove the stink of skunk spray. I should get some of that...just in case. According to this man, there are a lot of skunks in this area. Great!

Anyway, I had an exciting Saturday night last night. I cleaned the bathroom. How sexy is that? Of course, the bathroom really did need a good cleaning. I've been putting it off for far too long. Everything is shiny and dust-free. I get a bizarre sense of satisfaction out of that part. However, I could think of more interesting ways to spend my Saturday night than cleaning my bathroom. My entire Saturday was cleaning and saying no to the dog's barking.

Slowly but surely, all the sexy will be drained out of me by the time my boyfriend gets back from tour.

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