03 May 2007

Home Decor - Lighting

Since moving out with my partner, I have become drawn to making my home a much better place to spend time. When money is tight, you have to have a home that you enjoy to be in. That was the big difference between our last place and our current apartment. I actually take pride in my home. It's not just an apartment - it's a HOME. Believe me, there's a BIG difference between the two.

Though money is tight, that doesn't stop me from looking around online for cool additions to add to our home. Sure, I can't really afford to buy much...but it's still nice to look! I came across an interesting site for lighting options called Farrey's, which is dedicated to household products such as ceiling fans, faucets, etc. There's some very cool things on this no-nonsense site. A little out of my price limited...but amazingly beautiful things to add to your home.

I'm not at the point where I obsessively watch home decorating television shows just yet (thankfully, I have no television!), but I can admit that oooh-ed and awed over a few things on this site. Check out the "Fine Arts Lamps" for some really cool Asian inspired outdoor lighting ideas. Wow, soooo nice!

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