01 October 2007


Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? It's kind of hard to answer that since I have never had a diamond or any other piece of jewelry given to me. Instead, I wear my plain silver ring that says NEVER COMPROMISE in bold letters and a dog that gives me endless kisses. Oh, I have a boyfriend too. He'll cook me dinner and clean the toilet, so that counts - ha ha.

I'm aching to spend money on myself. I went a little nuts this summer but I don't really have much to show for it. Sometimes, for curiosity's sake, I'll shop around for jewelry even though I don't ever seriously think about buying.

If I ever had a ring given to me, it should be unique. I'm not much into diamonds, unlike most girls. I'm actually a fan of amethyst jewelry. It is my birthstone, yes, but there is something classic about it. I'd love to have a little martini glass ring with a little emerald as an olive - wouldn't that be cool!?

Anyway, here's a decent shopping site for jewelry for you to browse!


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