06 October 2007

He Swept Me Off My Feet

Last night was just like any other night. We took the dog out for his nightly walk. I was talking and laughing with Zak about this and that. I had a memory of that time I went to Die Maschine with Rachel and Greg, when the bartender fed me glasses of gin and tonic and shots of jag in hopes of getting into my pants but instead I ended up falling off the stool and Rachel caught me. I laughed to myself. Good times.

Lately, my dog has been on edge. He's been a little nervous, barking in the house and being scared of random objects on the street. At night, he has become a little too riled up for our own liking. You know, jumping about and acting like a wingnut for a good five or ten minutes before calming down to his usual self.

Zak and I were walking along in the school yard. I turned to look behind me and I saw my dog, looking a little hyper with that crazed look in his eyes. I saw him run towards me in a slow jog. I turned to look ahead and I thought, he's not going to run into me. His slow gallop turned into a hearty gallop. The next thing you know, I'm on my back in the schoolyard for all the wrong reasons. Ouch.

My dog literally swept me off my feet. And once again, for all the wrong reasons. I ended up landing on the back of my head before the rest of my body hit the grass. No, I did not see any stars or circling birdies like in the cartoons (that would have been awesome though). Zak came to my rescue as I curled up on the grass and cried. I'm a suck, I admit it.

The tears were not cried in the honor of pain. It hurt more to hear my dog get scolded. Yes, he deserved the scolding but hearing Toshio get yelled at broke my heart. He ended up hiding behind the couch for the rest of the evening, looking scared and sad. And that broke my heart too.

I'm surprised and grateful that I am not in worse shape. I don't have much of a headache. My shoulders, neck, and back suffer from a dull ache. I have a slight bruise on my head (I landed on my hair clip) and on my calf. I didn't sleep well and I'm moving rather slowly today. The truth is, it could have been a lot worse. What if it was on cement? What if there was a rock when my head hit the ground? What if, what if, what if. I came very close to breaking my neck, in all seriousness, and I'm surprised I didn't have a concussion (A.K.A: "Pulling a Ren", ha ha. Speaking of Ren, too bad she wasn't here in Montreal. Gin would be lovely tonight over a discussion of head injuries. Maybe this is just God's way of telling me that I, too, need to get a Tamagauchi?).

And please, no lectures on the fact that my dog probably sees me as his equal and I'm not being disciplinary enough. I know this. I heard all about it last night from Zak. I know and I will become more stern of a mistress (heh).

Please, kiss my forehead now. It makes me feel better.


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