01 October 2007

London Calling

Ah, I have always wanted to go to London. What girl hasn't? Well, I suppose plenty haven't wanted to go but this girl does. There's something curious about the place - it's historic, royal, and full of sexy accents! I have a weakness for a good English accent, forgive me!

I also have a friend that works for an airline. She has a limited amount of friends and family passes. I mentioned that I would love to go to London and travel with her. It won't happen only because flying into the Heathrow Airport is one of the most costly in the world, according to my friend. With the friends and family pass, we would be paying for airport taxes and other such surcharges.

So, in sake of dreaming and fantasizing, I found a cool websites much like Expedia. It gives you cheap hotel listing for London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Oh, one day...my London dream will come true!


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