17 November 2007

Travel Blog

The best advice usually comes from someone else's mouth. Being online allows everyone to voice their advice and opinion, whether it is good or bad. When we travel, we usually talk to others that have been to those particular places. Word of mouth. We avoid the "bad areas", we frequent the "good" restaurants, and we discover all the "must-sees" from those who have already been there.

I found a cool travel blog online. You can read the reviews and opinions of cities and destinations, gathered by the editors at RealTravel. The travel blog is somewhat of a best of; regarding travel stories, recommendations, and travel news. I always think it's kind of cool to read about others traveling experiences. Not only does it give me ideas of where I am fantasizing about going next, but you know what to avoid (especially regarding hotels - once I stayed in a hotel in New Orleans that was chock-full of cockroaches!). Anyway, it's a good travel blog to spend a little time over and reading.

What's cool too? You can create your own travel blog there as well, to share your own stories!


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